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Where Can I Get Cpr Certified?

Red Cross and Safesitter are tried and true methods. Your local hospital or community center may also offer a class. You CAN get certified online, but I do not recommend this unless you are getting recertified for the millionth time (I have been certified a grand total of 12 times... more

School Breaks Are Vastly Approaching Caregiver's! (Yay)

I do the indoor pool, rock climbing (in door, at facility,) hiking, biking (if the kids are old enough), the library, any free art classes or little programs I can get my hands on. Get em' out of the house! I also have parents reimburse me for the occasional groupon-... more

Does Being A Parent Count As Child Care Experience?

I listed having younger siblings as babysitting experience when I first started- I watched my two year old brother at age 11 and then neighbors started working with me too. I don't see why having a child shouldn't count- go ahead and mention it. Also, be sure and... more

Does A Teenager (Under 18) Need To Pay Taxes?

As a teenager, I never worried about it. Quite frankly, the IRS has bigger things to worry about than going after kids who just want a little extra cash. Small gigs and date nights aren't really what they are after- they want the people that do this full time... more

Should I Have Liability Insurance To Babysit In My Home?

Depends on your state and how many children you are planning on caring for. Virginia is really strict about in home daycares being actually licensed if they operate for more than so many hours. Is your home baby-proofed? Is the babysitting regular or just once in a while? How old... more

What Do Parents Look For In Sitters?

I've been babysitting since I was eleven, and had a steady client base in place by the time I was fourteen. Experience aside, CPR and first aid training are a must no matter how young/old you are. Don't let it lapse and be prepared to use it... more