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How Much Should I Expect From My Niece For Watching Her Ten Month Old For 45 Hrs A Week?

You aren't making great money, but are you doing it to make money or as a favor or a combination? Babies require a lot of attention and care to be cared for well. If she is working 5 days, you're making a little over 3.00 per hour... more

Is It Wrong To Ask For A New Hourly Wage If The Job Has Changed?

IT is fair to ask for a wage increase. How much is between you and your employer, but you are doing private in home healthcare. You should be making 10.00 - 20.00 per hour depending on where you live and the financial situation of the employer.

How Much To Pay A House Keeper?

Pay by the hour and get someone who hustles when they work. Then it doesn't matter how much work you give them, because it's going to take however long it takes and you are only paying for the work actually done. I know if they provide the cleaning... more

What Are Some Of The Brands Of Dog Food You Guys Use To Feed Your Dogs?

My vet recommended Purina One as one of the lower cost but decent quality foods. Your mileage may vary.

House Cleaning Price

A reasonable price depends on whom you get to do the job, what supplies they need to bring, what tools they bring, how far they travel, and most of all, how long it takes them. Paying by the hour is the usual way it's done. If you have the... more

Removing Stains

Oxyclean. Wet the spot with cold water and gently brush it with a cleaning brush. Then pour Oxyclean on the spot, wet with very warm water to make a sort of paste, and roll up the shorts so the paste stays wet. Depending on the stain, and whether its been... more

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

I've done both - they supply and I supply. I charge enough to justify both my travel time and gas and whatever cleaning supplies I use that I purchase, wear and tear on my vac and electric mop and the cost of washing the cleaning cloths and towels I bring... more

House Cleaning And Micromanaging Daughter

Customer's always right. At least usually. At that rate, I would have her supply all the cleaning supplies, including the Swiffer pads. Cleaning is hard labor. And I know I move quickly and tend to do the job quicker than the average bear, so I do charge more. Also... more