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Are Mangoes Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Yes mangoes are very safe! My dog loves Mangoes

Why Does My Dog Pee All Over?

One thing that may help is rewarding your pet when he pees where he is supposed to be. If that doesn't help seek help from a vet. Hope I helped in some way!

My 15 Y/o Healthy Dog Pis Going To Be Blind In The Near Future. We Would Very Much Like Like Some Advice As The Things That We Can Do Around The House Now, That Will Make It Easier For Him To Adjust To Blindness.

That is terrible, I am truly sorry. Some things that may help is having them smell certain spots in your home. Dogs have a great sense of smell so that may help. I hope I helped in some way.

I Need A Temporary Home For My 2 Cats Asap!

Ask any family members and make sure you posted your care request properly!

My Babies Nail!

Well, Destiny, I would suggest bathing your puppy after it has healed up, but you should still be able to bathe him, just try to avoid the spot and use a rag instead of a bath, shower or hose. Hope I could help :)

Puppy Reverting.

If anything has changed recently, try to change that back. Another thing that helps is rewarding her for peeing outside. Really try to use positive reinforcement, it does really help rather than yelling at a puppy. I hope I helped!

Advice On Best Cat Treats?

Temptations brand of treats is a very popular treat, but if your looking for THE BEST cat treat, a cat is going to love a home cooked fish. Hope I helped :)

13 Day Old Orphan Wont Eat More Than .5oz A Day And Is Always Sleeping, Is This Normal?

If your vet says your dog is healthy and your doing a good job, your vet is probably right, a vet is in collage for 6 to 8 years, so they know what they are doing. Maybe find a certain time of day to feed them and every few days... more