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Liz is the founder of Working Daughter, a thriving community for women balancing eldercare, career, and more. A former family caregiver, she is a recognized expert on working while caregiving and has written on the topic for The Atlantic, Forbes, TIME, WBUR and PBS’ Next Avenue. Her book, Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Earning A Living, will be published in August 2019.

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How To Be A Strong Advocate For Your Elderly Parents

It was close to midnight. I was worried, tired and cold. Why are emergency rooms always so cold? A few hours earlier I had brought my 91-year-old father to the hospital because he had a bad infection. I was my father’s health care proxy, designated to make health care decisions... more

How To Juggle Parent And Kid Care In The Summer Months

Navigating life in the sandwich generation is tough enough during the cooler fall, winter and spring seasons, but the challenge becomes even greater during summer. That’s because for many people who are balancing child-rearing and eldercare, the months between September and May provide somewhat of a built-in safety net: school... more

5 Unexpected Ways Life Changes When You Become A Caregiver To Your Parent

I heard about parenting all the time: “Your life completely changes when you become a parent,” my friends would tell me. “You won’t be that into work or parties. You’ll be exhausted and you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve.” Thanks to my girlfriends, I was as prepared... more

Vacationing With Senior Parents: 5 Tips For A Successful Family Trip

So you’ve decided to book a family vacation that includes your aging parents. Now you’re wondering how you can make sure the memories you create on the trip are the kind you’ll remember fondly, and not the ones you’ll want to forget. The answer, according to adult children who have... more

Yes, You Can Take A Vacation — Even If You're Caring For Aging Parents. Here’s How

I need a break. I want to run away. I need a vacation!!! These are posts from an online support group for people who are taking care of elderly parents. Family caregivers may day dream about vacation a lot — but actually taking a break is often a different story... more