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I'm a mom of two girls, a wife, a syndicated humor columnist, and an author who loves to reassure parents that we're all a work in progress.

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When You Or Your Kids Are Sick, Just Stay The @&!$ Home

By Lisa Sugarman Okay, it’s the middle of winter now, so it should come as no big surprise to you or anyone else that people everywhere are sick. As dogs. I mean, there’s snot and phlegm and bacteria floating around everywhere, lurking on every surface and inside every handshake or... more

When Is It Time To Let Kids Speak For Themselves?

Well, it happened. My youngest daughter had her first college interview a few days ago. (I know, sh*t just got real.) And along with it being a parenting milestone that left a golf-ball-size lump in my throat, it was also a unique experience for everyone in my house. Because... more

If You're A Parent And You Constantly Feel Behind The Eight Ball, Keep Reading...

Do you feel like you spend most of your time worrying that you're the only one out there dealing with a snarky kid or endless girl drama or the pressure to measure up to all the other parents around you? Do you feel like no one understands what you... more

Need A Place To Vent About Parenthood? Join The Vomit Booth.

My name is Lisa Sugarman and I'm a regular contributor here at I'm also a mom, a nationally syndicated opinion columnist, and an author specializing in writing books that help families be happy. I also moderate a parenting group on Facebook called The Vomit Booth. It... more

The Agony Of Texting With Our Kids

By Lisa Sugarman It’s no secret that our kids can be annoying. That’s just a big chunk of the kid personality and the innate button-pushing tendency that’s hard-wired into every child at birth. And even though most kids tend to age out of the immature, grating stuff they do when... more

A Pep Talk For The Fall

By Lisa Sugarman Summer’s over. There, I said it. And while I know it stings to hear the truth, you needed to hear it for your own good. Because you won’t be able to move forward into the next season unless you reconcile that this one’s over. Plus, if you’re... more

College Drop Off: How To Handle This Gut-Wrenching Milestone

God, this is all so weird. Like really, really weird. In my head, I know we’re dropping Riley off at school this weekend. I mean it’s on my calendar with a sad emoticon and everything. (I recently learned you can add emoticons to your calendar fields. Needless to say, I’ve... more

Sometimes Kids Get A Bad Rap Just Because They're Kids

Kids do stupid sh*t. They just do. They’re notorious for it. Most of the time, though, they make bad decisions because their brains just aren’t mature enough to know better. I know, I’ve been that kid. And I’ve done plenty of stupid sh*t that my now-adult brain would’ve... more