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How Can I Choose A Tutor Who Is A Good Fit For My Son?

The number one most important thing is the tutor and your son get along. You don't just want a "tutor" that comes a few times a week to teach and that's it. You want someone who genuinely cares. More often than not people concentrate too much on credentials... more

Advice For Teaching Children With Adhd

I have the same problem with the child I tutor! They don't have ADHD but their mind is constantly wandering and they never seem to concentrate so it takes ages to get through homework. What I've noticed seems to help is cutting outbreaks completely (they're 11 so... more

How Do I "fire" My Tutor?

Start looking for a new tutor first and once you find one that you're 100% you like, then you should let go of her. Sit down and tell her honestly that you need to take a different approach when it comes to getting your child the help that they... more