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How To Determine Whether Your Loved One Should Retire From Driving

Car keys are a sign of independence, and who wants to part with that? But with age comes increased risk behind the wheel, so it’s important for families to decide together when a senior loved one may need to find alternative forms of transportation. The risk of a driver being... more

Does Insurance Cover Assisted Living? Here's What Experts Say

Planning for potential future care for yourself or an aging loved one can be overwhelming. One of the reasons why: the financial uncertainty and confusion around medical policies. If living alone or at home is no longer an option, will insurance cover an assisted living facility? Assisted living is right... more

Who Pays For Respite Care? What You Need To Know

It can be both emotionally and financially challenging to see a loved one’s health decline with age. You’ll likely have to ask difficult questions like when might it be time for a move into a long-term care facility? Or perhaps you’ll need to hire home care. But in many cases... more

Does Insurance Cover Nursing Homes? Here's What You Need To Know

When looking to the future, it's impossible to predict if you or your loved one will require long-term facility care. But another major unknown for many is if the insurance they or their loved one carry will actually cover a nursing home.  Though nursing homes are long-term residential facilities... more

Emergency Medical Checklist For Older Adults: Here's What To Include

No emergency situation is simple, but those with seniors can be even more complicated due to numerous medications, doctors, insurance coverage and the degree of chronic or acute illnesses involved. And when there are a mix of family members or caregivers involved, it becomes even more essential to have this... more