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How Do I Search For And Apply For A Job

First off I make SURE my schedule is wide open and search for the dates I KNOW I am available. Second, I read the request and make SURE I have the right skills to fulfill the customer's needs. Three, I am patient and if they don't respond, I... more

🦃 What Are You Thankful For? 🦃

I agree, on the hourly wage is usually posted and to ask them FIRST thing how MUCH they pay suggests lack of care for the PERSON, just the money. I am so grateful I got to spend so much time with my last customer with cancer who died... more

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

what specifically are the patient's needs - what makes them feel the most comfortable - making meals, cleaning their living space, going to the grocery store or transportation to their doctor apointments....conversation, love and care...