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Is The "salary" Fair?

I would love to have that job!!! I can do either California or Hawaii! I currently live in Scottsdale Arizona and That's quite a bit of money to pay. I would be happy to accept $50,000. (I have other sources income) Or any number you would like to... more

First Time Tutoring...

Meet in a public place like Starbucks

πŸ’¬ If You Could Change One Thing About Your Job, What Would It Be? πŸ’¬

I absolutely love play dough!!! and slime. The gooey-er the better!!! Laura

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

Yes please that would be very thoughtful and kind of you.

Back Ground Check/ Driver's License

Of course!! You did the right thing, Peace, Laura Frances Zaki

πŸ’―what's The Best Advice You've Gotten On Being A Caregiver? πŸ’―

Love everyone. Laura Frances Miron Zaki Founder, Peace Love Hope Foundation

Pay For Baby Sitter

I would charge anywhere from $10-$15 more for bilingual service $15-$50.00 per hour.