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My Elderly Mother Needs Help With Transportation To Appointments And Such, How Much Does That Cost?

I would pay an average hourly wage with a 2 hour minimum, plus compensation for use of vehicle if a vehicle is provided.

What Is A Good Rate For A Senior Caregiver.

I don't completely understand your comment at the end. I think you should charge what your services are worth and stop concerning yourself with what others are making.

Should An Eye Exam For A 59 Yr Old Woman At Walmart Vision Center Be 700$? My Mother Was Charged 700$for Her Eye Exam ,and Frames! I Want Able To Take Her To Her Appointment And I Found This Out Today! This Was At Cedartown Ga. Walmart Vision Center

Eyeglasses can run into a lot of money depending on the prescription and extra options that are added. Your mother may have fallen prey to a good salesman. Take a look at the itemized receipt. Did she opt for the economy frames? Are there any extra options (non-standard) she added... more

Can The Care-Givers Be Paid Through Medicaid? My Personal Care And Homemaker Chores Have Been Covered By An Home Health Agency For Almost 8 Years. Now Due To Lack Of Employees, My Authorized Hours Of Care By Medicaid Are Not Being Fulfilled. So My

Call the Dept. of Social Services in your state. Years ago, I was paid in NC for assisting an elderly person. Things could have changed now. The program was referred to as "chore provider".

Do Pay Laws For Overnight Elder Care Vary By State? I'm Asking Specifically About New York. I Was Told There Is No Overnight Pay For Caring For A Person That Needs A Little Assistance (Getting Up To Go To Bathroom). I Was Told That Its Assumed That I Will

Ask the person giving you this information to verify their source. If this is your client, stop working for them immediately - law or no law. Anyone who gives up their warm bed at night to be at someone's beck and call deserves to be paid - period.

Does Anyone Know If Personal Care Includes Cutting Hair?

There is a separate profession for that.