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How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

Hi! I am glad you find happiness in your work and happy you are in better health because of it. I think that it would be a benefit to have your own supplies but it shouldn't be a deal breaker. It always made me wonder how anyone ever did... more

What Are Best Practices When Hiring Someone To Help You Pack For Moving?

This is a great question. It is important that the you do your due diligence when hiring someone to help you in your home. Even a reputable moving company will have employees that are not ethical in their practices. I recommend you hire people how have had background checks. They... more

If You Clean A Home And They Have Bedbugs Shouldn't They Let You Know Ahead Of Time?

It would be important to advise you of the situation if you are there to provide a service. It would be ethically the right thing to do and it allows you the opportunity to prepare with anything you would need to service the property.