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How To Potty Train Your Child At Night?

Two of my brothers struggled for a long time. We finally just found ways to make it the least amount of work/embarrassment possible and they have eventually out grown it. One is almost 6 and still has occasional accidents but we can general trace it to something he ate... more

What Do Kids Like In A Babysitter?

For a 3 year old just the idea of someone asking if they would rather color a picture or do a puzzle makes them feel big and in control making the options more fun. I have heard that for every time we have to say no, we should try to... more

๐ŸŒดhow Do You Handle Asking For Time Off For The Holidays? ๐ŸŒด

My experience has been that it is easier to ask for time off in general if you can be proactive and have another viable option for the kiddos. In the past there have been Grandparents involved that have enjoyed taking care of the little people when I haven't been... more

Who Is Responsible For Taking Out Taxes? Me Or The Person I Am Working For? Am I Considered An Independent Contractor Or An Employee?

It can go either way and either way is acceptable. It is ok to request a higher pay rate to compensate. Also talk to your accountant about what you can claim as expenses to help keep you from paying to much.

๐Ÿค’how Do You Handle Work Days When You're Sick?๐Ÿค’

My opinion is that it is up to the parents if they want to bring the children as long as I have the ability to care for the child.

When To Start Searching

The sooner the better. I had one family that contacted me early, and it was very fun to walk through the pregnancy with them. The mom and I formed a relationship before baby ever joined the picture. I also got to meet him and let the parents watch me with... more

๐Ÿ’ฐwhat Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates?ย ๐Ÿ’ฐ

My pricing always reflects what I am doing for transportation, the age of the children, and whether or not I can work from home. It also makes a difference if I am doing housework and cleaning. If they are not going to withhold taxed I usually ask them to pay... more

๐Ÿ† What Moment Are You Most Proud Of As A Caregiver? ๐Ÿ†

The moment when a new family says, " 'Johnny' just can't wait to come see you! I am so glad we have someone like you in our lives!" Then I know that the foundation of love and respect has come a full circle and this is going to be a... more