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If You Clean A Home And They Have Bedbugs Shouldn't They Let You Know Ahead Of Time?

Yes. I believe you should have a heads up on a situation such as this for health and safety reasons.

Is It Necessary To Have Both An Oil Diffuser And An Air Purifier In The Same Room?

I would think not. Why purify the air of the oil diffuser if the point is to receive specific effects from the oil?

How Do You Determine Length Of Time Needed On Housecleaning For Client?

I review the rooms and the level of cleaning and the specified locations from clients and know right away mostly how long the job will take. If the analysis is outside of their requested time slot I discuss with the homeowner so we can be on the same page.

How To Decide Which Kind Of Rug To Get?

It depends greatly on personal preference. Personally, I like durable yet fashionable rugs that are easy to clean. I do have expensive rugs that are for areas in which there isnt too much traffic.

Are Costco Pots And Pans Good Quality?

I am not sure. I haven't used them.

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

I have my own supplies but dont mind using specific items supplied or requested by home owners.