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How Do I Quit My Baby Sitting Gig On Good Terms?

Check your state laws. If you work in an at-will state then legally you can leave your job at any time, but I believe it is courteous to give families at least 4 weeks notice. Sit down and write out the reasons why you are ready to leave so you... more

How Can I Attract More Parents?

You need to market yourself so have clear photos of yourself and highlight your experiences immediately. If you aren't already, get CPR/AED/first aid certified. Ask families to write reviews of you (I know this can be tough because sometimes they close their account once they hire you... more

How Much Should A Retainer Be For 8 Days A Month?

Personally, I wouldn't accept anything less than what I would be paid while working. If I needed to keep those days open that means I can't schedule other work. Unfortunately, it is costly for the families, but if you want to retain your unicorn nanny it costs a... more

Can I Complain If A Nanny Is Using My Child In Their Picture Without My Permission

Legally, I am not sure and I would speak with a lawyer to see what your rights are in this situation. I'm not suggesting pressing charges, but rather using the lawyer as a way to avoid direct confrontation while flexing a little muscle to get the photo taken down.

Advice On Finding An Occasional Nanny For Vacation

Most nannies, such as myself, are always seeking additional work such as occasional overnights or weekends to supplement income. Start with the intention of hiring an occasional weekend, but perhaps offer her some consistent care opportunities on the weekends or any other time that fits both of your schedules. This... more

How Do I Discuss With My Family A Better Way To Do Dinnertime?

It is hard to make improvements when parents don't directly ask for your input. You could maybe broach the subject with a question such as "how do you feel about mealtimes? I notice lunchtime and dinnnertime goes a little differently. I typically do XYZ and was wondering if you... more

Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

At the bare minimum you need to be CPR/first aid certified.

How Much Should I Be Charging?

I don't know where you live so prices vary greatly, but I would definitely be charging $20+ an hour for the amount of work you are doing. If they can't afford that, try to negotiate at least a happy medium like maybe they provide you with meals and... more