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Should My Teen Still Sleep With A Stuffed Animal

I don't think its bad that she still sleeps with it. At this point its probably just habit. I would let her keep sleeping with it if she wants.

Is Pricing For Overnight Care The Same As For Care During The Day?

Typically I would charge less for overnight as the kids will be sleeping so you aren't doing much. Some parents might prefer to use a flat rate instead of per hour as well. Ultimately its up to both the sitter and the parents to find a price they both... more

Back Ground Check/ Driver's License

I don't think its too much! If a parent asked for my home address and a copy of my ID I wouldn't think it was too much. As you said your trusting them with your child.

💕during An Interview, What Questions Do You Always Ask Families, To Make Sure They Will Be A Good Match? 💕

I would ask for a walk through of a typical day, what my responsibilities would be (am I cooking, doing laundry, etc.), rules for electronics, how they would like me to discipline a child if needed, and I would ask for emergency contacts.