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Kennedy Dawn

Larkspur, CA

I have a daughter with a CHD and Epilepsy.

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How Can I Become Confident In My Body Again?

Hi Irene, I have to say that this is something that really just takes time. It takes a lot of time, I found that there were three things that have really changed my life and outlook on my body since having my child. 1) Exercise: I started exercising daily. Let... more

What Are Some Themes For A Baby Shower For A Girl?

I'm looking for something that's unique. This is my friend's second baby, her first was a body and she's SO beyond excited about having a girl this time around. I want something unique, but no so unique that I can't find anything at the store... more

How Do I Know If The Vitamins I Give My Daughter Really Do What They Say?

If you're concerned I would have your doctor check vitamin levels.

What Are Fun Family Card Games?

Sleeping Queens has become a family favorite in our house. The cards are really durable ( a problem we've had with other card games - that things get wet or destroyed ). They're also incredibly colorful and engaging. The game is easy for kids to follow and adults are entertained by... more

What Are Kid-Friendly Foods To Serve At Birthday Parties?

Birthday Party Food Ideas:Mini pizzasFinger sandwichesMini meatloaf muffinsCarrots and Celery in Dip - already put into cupsFruit kabobsIndividual mac n cheeseMini grilled cheeseWatermelon on a stickChicken nuggetsMini meatballsPinwheel sandwiches

What Are The Best Family Recipe Books?

I love love love cooking. Here are my picks:The Family Cooks: 100+ Recipes to Get Your Family Craving Food That's Simple, Tasty and Incredibly Good for YouThe Best Homemade Kids' Lunches on the PlanetDinner: The Playbook: A 30-Day Plan for Mastering the Art of the Family MealSheet pan... more

What Are Your Favorite Summer Activities And Trips For Families?

During the summer, when the weather is nice we try to do a few trips that are within a few hours of our home - camping, hiking, amusement parks, that sort of thing, and then we tend to do one big trip where we drive somewhere or fly. A place that... more

Just Want Answers??

Has your child ever had a seizure? Sometimes, for many parents and depending on the seizure it can be difficult to tell even. It can be really difficult to determine if your child has a seizure disorder, or even what type of seizure they are having. What specifically did your... more