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I'm New In Trying To Finish My General Edd So I Can Go To Nursing School R These Tutors Good??

Obviously I cannot speak for other tutors, but as for me, I'm a highly experienced lifelong learner with a passion for teaching, look for someone that has the patience and enthusiasm it takes to be a good tutor.

How Do I "fire" My Tutor?

You don't have to tell her she's being "fired", you can just be honest and say that you need to move to another direction because you're not seeing much improvement. Also, being nice does not always mean that she's a good tutor, especially with math, many... more

Can A Tutor Help My Son With Study Skills?

Absolutely! Organizational skills can be taught and your child can improve especially during the summer-time. Its important to maintain a routine as much as possible so that it carries over to the school year.

How Do I Know If It's Worth It To Keep Going With My Child's Tutoring?

Have a word with her school teacher and inquire about her level of improvement. Also, if her tutor is affordable I would say continue with the tutorials, if not, look for another option.

How Much Does Tutoring Actually Help With Preparing For The Sat? Is It Worth The Money?

When it comes to the SAT, tutorials will help providing extra test taking skills and experience with the test format. The problem is that most SAT learning centers are too expensive. However if you can find an experienced SAT tutor such as myself, that can work one-on-one with the student... more

Can Hiring A Tutor Help My Child Stop Procrastinating?

Most kids a like that. If the parents are short on time, having him work with a tutor can help build that quality of getting things on time, but in the end maturity will have to take over and it differs at what age it eventually kicks in.

Is It Possible To Find A Tutor That Has Experience With Adhd?

I have a lot of experience working with ADHD students. The key is having a lot of patience,many teachers don't.

How Do I Get An Attitude Problem Under Control

I feel your pain. With my 13 year old daughter, Ive had similar experiences. Yelling dosent work, you have to take the time and try and reason with him and have a conference with him. Make him sign an agreement to work on his behavior and do his part (chores... more