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💰what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates? 💰

My tip is you can always ask for more. The worst they can say is no. But be aware of your experience and be able to tell them why you should be paid more e.g. because it is the going rate or your experience merits it. Don't say... more

When To Start Searching

For triplets, I would start to post your job now, just to make sure you have enough time. If you are looking for a nanny remember you will have to have not only a nanny experienced in multiples, but one who is experienced with newborns and also whose schedule lines... more

New To Nannying

It is hard to get jobs like this without experience or references. Try to start to build a reputation within your own community or friend group. Reach out to people you do know with children and tell them if you ever have any one who is looking for a babysitter... more

Babysitting With Parents In The Home. What Are Your Experiences?

I agree. I feel it is okay to have parents in the home working as long as I am able to do my job. It is hard to have parents constantly looking over your shoulder and telling you what you conflicting ideas or contradicting you to the children. I, in... more

What Should I Wear To A Nanny Interview?

Wear something that is comfortable enough to be able to play with the children and get up and down off the floor, but not something that is too fancy such as a dry clean only dress. Most parents want to be able to imagine you with their child. Some nice... more

How To Find A Job More Easily?? is very much a numbers game. I find that I have about a 5%-10% response rate. So if I apply to 20 jobs I will probably only hear back from about 2 people. Finding a job in itself is not necessarily easy, so I would not say... more


Nannying can be a numbers game. You are applying to multiple people and sometimes you get another offer or your schedule changes. Also are talking about postponing a meeting or just cancelling their application all together? Postponing a meeting could be because they had something come up or for some... more