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How Can I Help My Teenager Feel Better About The Idea Of Being Tutored?

Here's my philosophy about tutoring my students. The goal isn't so much to see the numbers on a report card go up (that's a secondary goal). The primary goal is to collaborate with students to help them learn how to work through an academic difficulty. I would... more

I'm New In Trying To Finish My General Edd So I Can Go To Nursing School R These Tutors Good??

I believe you will find qualified tutors here to help you in any subject. I am a college instructor and have experience as a teacher in elementary and middle school, too. Good luck with nursing school!

Can A Tutor Help My 2nd Grader With Reading?

Absolutely. Often, a tutor is the perfect way to help a struggling child because it provides custom instruction and a one-on-one environment. Fewer classroom distractions, additional attention to the areas where intervention is needed, and the student has the opportunity to learn how to problem solve at an early age... more

How Much Does Tutoring Actually Help With Preparing For The Sat? Is It Worth The Money?

I believe that anytime you can expose a student to a new educator you are providing for an opportunity to learn something. Even if the student is a high achiever and feels confident with the content, sometimes collaborating with a tutor can show the learner a different perspective or more... more