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Los Angeles, CA

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Is The "salary" Fair?

Wow, you're actually offering a very generous position. Can you hire me? I'll pack my bags right now

💬 If You Could Change One Thing About Your Job, What Would It Be? 💬

I love a lot of things about my job. I guess if I could change one thing about it it would be how nervous I get when I first meet a new family. But that's just how I am so there's no way around it.

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

Probably. I feel it depends on the rate that you already pay your sitter.

😳 What's The Most Embarrassing Moment You've Had On The Job? 😳

The most embarrassing moment I've had on the job is when I was on my way to an interview. Their house was only 15 minutes from my apartment but I hopped in the car and got lost and ended up an hour out of the way. They were really... more