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What's Your Favorite Way To Organize Snacks?

I guess you don't have a, I would get appropriate sized tupperware like containers with lids and store them in those.

Any Natural Cleaning Options For My Oven?

I heard that white vinegar in a bowl overnight in the oven will loosen up the gunk and allow it to be brillo'ed off and wiped clean.

How Do You Keep Your Cleaning Routine Fresh?

Your favorite Music will work wonders.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Hard Water Ring Off The Inside Of A Toilet?

Flush your toilet and turn off the water so the tank is empty. Fill tank with several gallons of white vinegar and flush. This will run the vinegar through the water siphoning jets around the bowl to clean them out. Let this sit overnight and add more vinegar to bowl... more

What Is The Best Way To Dust A Fan?

An old pillow case.. Start at the middle close to the motor. Hold both sides top & bottom and run it down the blade. All the dust will be inside of the pillow case. Easy to open up and shake outdoors. Finish by damp wipe.

How Do You Get Hard Water Stains Off Of A Glass Shower Door?

I have miraculously found that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the Best believe it or not.!

What Do You Use To Clean Your Gas Stove Top?

Good old Brillo if it has big sticky mess....then I rinse well, finish with Weiman's polish.!

Is There A Way To Mend Socks?

So cheap nowadays...just purge and replace.!