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Waltham, MA

Product Manager. Yogi. Cat lover. Mindfulness practitioner. Currently located in Denver, CO. Frequently travels to Boston and SF.

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I'm Turning Into My Mom/dad

It's easy to look at your parents or grandparents and think your life is nothing like theirs. The advent of technology and social media, shifting ideas about adulthood, emerging political viewpoints and different opinions on parenting are just a few of the ways young people might think they're... more

Nanny Share

Hi Amanda and Ezra! I did notice that recently launched a nanny share pilot, you can check if it's available in your location (it wasn't available to me in Mass, unfortunately): Best of luck!

Nursing Homes In America

  From the moment we're born, our parents have the responsibility to watch over and care for us. For most of the first two decades of our life, their objective is to nourish, cloth and keep us safe and warm. Yet, for a growing number of families, there comes... more

Health Care Over The Age 55

Examining the State of Health Care Across Generations Call it the era of American longevity: Currently, approximately 35 million citizens are 65 or older, a tenfold increase over the past century. Moreover, that population is set to double by 2030, as a flood of baby boomers reaches retirement age. Yet, as lifespans... more

Tips To Finding A Parent To Nanny Share With

Depending on where you're located, has a nanny share product available to help you find another family and nanny!

Are You Prepared? What To Expect For First Time Parents

We're with you, first-time parents: If the prospect of your child's arrival prompts as much anxiety as excitement, you are not alone. After all, no degree of practice or preparation can simulate the experience of bringing home your bundle of joy. Sure, there's no shortage of advice... more

Parenting In Public: Parent And Non-Parent Opinions On Child-Raising Practices

When you're thinking about where to go for dinner at the end of a long week, or the kinds of activities you might do over the weekend – is it the kid-friendly options that spring to mind first? Even the mere thought of going to a high-end restaurant or... more