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20 ‘girl Power’ Quotes For Raising Confident Girls

From the time we’re born, we’re taught that girls and boys are different. We see it everywhere: the baby clothes aisle where one side is pink and the other side blue, the toy store where the trucks and dinosaurs are kept separate from the dolls and art supplies, the tea... more

This Is What Makes A Good Babysitter, According To Kids

If you’re looking for tips on how to be a good babysitter, they’re not too hard to find. A quick Google search will result in thousands of tips from experienced babysitters and caregivers, and most of us know a couple people personally we can go to for good caregiving advice... more

11 Times Babysitters Got Seriously Spooked On The Job

Every babysitter has a hair-raising story or two — disastrous diapers, rowdy siblings, lengthy temper tantrums. But an unsettling number of babysitters out there have also had some super-creepy, on-the-job encounters that leave them shook for years to come.  Little kids have a special way of finding themselves in... more

You Know You’re A Babysitter If …

Whenever I find out that somebody I know is also a babysitter, I instantly feel bonded with them. When you’re swapping stories with other babysitters, you start to notice that babysitting, while hard sometimes, is really just funny and weird and lovely.  Here are some definitive signs that, yes... more

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Kids I've Babysat

Over my years of babysitting, I’ve learned a lot about how to be a good babysitter. With each kid and each experience, I picked up tips and ideas and learned lessons as well. But the lessons I’ve learned from my babysitting experience aren’t just about how to be a good... more

8 Babysitting Tips I Learned The Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To)

I’ve been babysitting for several years now, and there have been many ups and downs. Sometimes situations come up that you never would think to prepare for, like losing the key to their house (oops!) or being bored out of your mind. Here are some babysitting tips I’ve learned the... more

Babysitting Tips: How To Start Conversations With Kids

My friends who don’t babysit or who aren’t used to spending time with children often struggle to grasp how I manage as a sitter. Their questions often make me laugh — like, “Ew, do you have to change diapers?” when it’s a 6-year-old I’m going to watch, or “You... more