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From Where Should I Buy Pride Scooter For My Grandfather?

Check with his physician to prescribe the pride scooter. Maybe Medicare will pay towards it. Try medical suppliers in your area.

Stubborn Older Father.

Would he be willing to go to a senior day care center or a recreation? He would be with people his age and cared for in a safe environment. They go to lunch, shopping, have entertainment and activities. Be sure to tell them about his Diabetes, so they'll watch... more

How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

He sounds determined to do it himself. Maybe you can find a person he'd like to clean his house, take him to appointments, engage him in activities. Let him know you want this for him. He needs companionship.

How To Provide New Caregivers With Funds To Grocery Shop, Pick-Up Items For Senior.

First, find out how much the prescription(s) cost, the grocery list is followed. Give the person enough money in cash to cover the medication(s) and follow the grocery list. Ask for a receipt and change, if any. How much is the hairdresser and tip? Did they go to... more

How Do I Know Its Safe To Go To Someone Else's House For A Job?

I would not go there alone when meeting them for the first time. Get a background check on them, ask for references.

What Is The Cost Of Companion Care For Elderly People Living Alone?

It depends whether they need companionship for five hours a day or full-time care. You would need back up to relieve the other full-time caregiver.

How Do I Help A Parent Who Doesn't Want Help?

Do you have any siblings to help in this matter? She obviously can't take care of herself, much less your dad. Maybe someone from your house of worship can tell her she can't do it alone. Does your city offer respite care? You don't need all this... more

Alzheimers At 64, When To Place In A Home

She needs stability and people who know how to take care of her needs and outbursts. They should definitely ensure that she can't just can't leave on her own. She should have stimulation and activities. Sorry to hear she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at such an early... more