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How Do I Get An Attitude Problem Under Control

I don't know what your beliefs and practices may be,but it most certainly wouldn't hurt to seek spiritual counselling.MAYBE attending a church service[if you don't alresdy ]Specifically a Bible based church.

I Started Com 101 Course Any Advice I Get Nervous Talking In Front Of People

Practice looking out over your audience finding a certain point at which to focus.Then every couple seconds look into the front row etc.

How Do We Accsept A Job?

You may want to find out what the age requirement is if your attempting to work thru

What Do I Do When Parent Cancels Verbal Agreement For Tutoring?

That is most unfortunate,however sometimes we may end up investing in a potential job opportunity and it falls thru.Try not to view it as a loss, but as a good faith measure.YOUR good intention is not in noticed!

Should I Give Into Temptation?

It has been my experience that giving into anything tempting should be considered first morally.

Wouldnt It Be Easier To Tutor A Kid If You Just Went Through The Classes They Are Now?

I would have to say probably not.Today thers are so many things to consider.

Bad Babysitting

That is most unfortunate,however Ive found over the years that people aren't behaving with professionalism these days across the vast job fields.