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Looking For A Great Software Coding Tutor For My 12 Year Old Son Who Will Work With Him In Our Home For 1-2 Hrs A Week. He Has The Basics But I Want To Keep It Fun For Him So That He Continues To Do It And Does Not Give Up As It Gets Harder. Any Ideas?

I am a Comp Sci student myself at Rutgers University. You can search for a motivative tutor. How do you if the person is right to tutor your child? Ask him/her to give one free session it's okay if that session 30 mins, but ask your child after... more

What Kind Of Interview Questions Should I Ask A Prospective Tutor?

How do you know if the tutee is understanding/grasping the concept that is been taught? How would make a child, not interested in a topic, to like the topic?

First Time Tutoring...

I was in the same situation. I tutored the person at a public library and took the tutee's parents' contact details in an emergency.