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Mother of 2 wonderful adult children! And one teen! Married happily for 9 years. Aunt to 15 nephews and nieces! working, outgoing & caring

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My Brother Is Paying A Senior Home Aide And His Friends $22,000 Per Month Of My Parents' Money

To much money to spend your brothers voinh to make them bankrupt I'd say at most 10 an hour is good pay check local personal caregivers offers off Craigslist for your state or even do a basic Google search and show your brother there's people who would better... more

Paying Caregivers

They will. Learn to take pay as it's given or not have a job/career

Eldercare Abuse

Don't always need an agency just keep your judgement at test mode. And if u have a feeling always act upon it. Your instincts are usually always right. I'm a personal caregiver of 8years and take pride in what I do and love caring for anyone of any... more

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

Crafting,puzzles or ho outs your comfort zone and have them show u some new things.

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need When Hiring An In Home Care Person

No but it does help in paying for the person's needs or even paying for an aide though.