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My Babies Nail!

Hi, Call your vet and ask for their recommendation for submerging baths. As is mentioned in the thread above, you want to prevent infection from getting inside the nail bed, so if you can get away with bathing with wipes in the mean time, do that.

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog For A Weekend Usually?

Hi, Fees will depend on the area you live in. Overall, finding a trustworthy pet sitter who is willing to stay In your home will end up being cheaper for you, and more restful for your animals. To answer your question more specifically, in one of my previous residences, boarding... more

How Can We Remove Fleas From Newborn Kittens?

Dawn dish soap, but that will not keep the fleas from coming back, or take care of any spreading they have already done in surrounding areas. Consult your vet for appropriate flea and tick protection for kittens.

Why Is All This Hair Coming Out?

Hi, It's probable that your dog is suffering a reaction from a food change and possibly anxiety from situational changes. Get your dog back on it's usual schedule and give it a little time to settle down. Contact your veterinarian if any issues become especially alarming or don... more

What Type Of Dog Breeds Are Best For Cats?

Hi, It's difficult to determine who a pet may get along with sometimes, especially if the primary animal has lived there a long time as the only animal. I would suggest that if you find a breed/dog you like, that you ask about a "trial period" to test... more

House Training Puppy

Hi, It is possible your puppy is "marking"; buying pet-urine cleaners will get rid of the odors so he does not smell it and return to the same spots to mark again. Consider taking your puppy outside more often, and Speak with your vet regarding neutering, as that can help... more

What To Charge For Cats?

Hi, If you are staying at the house overnight I would say your rate sounds reasonable.

7-Year-Old Healthy Female Dog Peeing In The Same Room And Generally Same Spot Off And On.

Hi, Overruling a physical issue first is a good idea. Perhaps it is just a matter of you needing to take her out more often since she is older. It is also possible your dog could be experiencing some anxiety/confusion in her later years of life. Your vet can... more