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Alzheimers At 64, When To Place In A Home

Try the ombudsman for your state to help find the safest nursing home. In NJ here is the website. They can tell you the safest and the best place to help.

Senior Care Information?

try the health care ombudsman for your state. in NJ here is the link,

My Brother Is Paying A Senior Home Aide And His Friends $22,000 Per Month Of My Parents' Money

Both, It does not sound like any standard of care is being given. Just keep trying. They need real food, not just frozen. Fresh fruit and veggies as well.


It depends how long they worked for you and are they leaving on good terms. Do you have the money to pay? I would say if you can a weeks salary for every 2 years they worked for you.

What Is The Meaning/difference Of "hands On Care" And "companion Care"?

The difference between hands-on care and companion care is that hands-on care is when it is medically or physically necessary. Companion care is used for quality-of-life and companionship and building strong bonds between the patient and the caregiver.

Do Pay Laws For Overnight Elder Care Vary By State? I'm Asking Specifically About New York. I Was Told There Is No Overnight Pay For Caring For A Person That Needs A Little Assistance (Getting Up To Go To Bathroom). I Was Told That Its Assumed That I Will

Is it legal to work 24 hours straight in NY? Sleep Regulations. ... However, if an employee is working a shift of 24 hours or more, the FLSA allows employers to reduce an employee's pay for time spent sleeping, as long as the employee receives a regularly scheduled break for... more

Does Borage Oil Help With Hot Flashes?

No, and you should ask the doctor before taking anything. Here is what google says about it. What does borage oil do for your body? It is converted by your body into prostaglandins, which regulate your immune system and help fight inflammation. GLA can also suppress inflammatory responses by directly... more