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Providing Child’s Food

Honest and open communication is the best way to handle things. I would talk to the parent and explain that you didn't realize how much it would cost in extra food and ask for a little additional money to cover food costs. I think this would be better than... more

I’m In A Nanny Share. Legally Does Each Family Have To Pay Me At Least Minimum Wage.

Many families like to join together to share child care expenses, but you still should be paid a fair wage. I would typically charge $12 an hour for one child and $13 for two. With two families, I would expect each one to pay $6.50. As for taxes, I... more

Is The Same Pay Fare If I’m Picking Up An Extra Day But Watching One Less Child?

I always set my rates by hourly rates. That is what is most fair. Then if you pick up extra hours, you are compensated. If you work less, the parents aren't paying for care they are not receiving.

💰what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates? 💰

I negotiate pay rates by several factors. The number of kids, the duties expected, driving kids around, and the distance I will travel to their home. If their home is close by, I may come down on my rate a little because that will save me in the long run... more