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What Type Of Shoes Are Best For Elderly People That Want To Wear Stylish Shoes?

Vionic they have built in arch support. Great if you have fallen arches. Come both in wide width and regular.

Has Anyone Else Ever Had Trouble Getting Their Parent To Shower?

I would try to put a calendar in the bathroom and her her make a mark /smiley face when she has showered. That might help her realise how many days in between.

Should I Get My Father A Pet?

Dog's can be mans best friend. However consider this... Are you willing to take on said pet if/when he no longer can? Cats are much easier, no need to take them outside. Perhaps you can get him engaged at the senior center.

What Type Of Assisted Living Centers Don't Make Seniors Feel Like They Have Lost Their Freedom?

perhaps just downsizing to an apartment for now would help her.

How Do I Tell My Father He Can't Drive Anymore?

That dos happen. ( roles being reversed) It is not easy for them to give up control but; I would explain your fears and offer to drive, and see where that leads the conversation.

What Are The Signs Of A Stroke?

Start with a good check-up with her doctor