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How Do I Know If It's Worth It To Keep Going With My Child's Tutoring?

It may be possible that your child hasn't seen improvement due to the tutor she's working with. You have quite a few options here: try changing the tutor, talk to your child's school about possible in-class options, or stop tutoring altogether. The first thing you want to... more

How Do I Get Parents To Hire A Teenage Tutor?

I am a teenage tutor with four to five years of tutoring experience. However, the people I've tutored are only people that I've known for a little while before beginning tutoring their children. How do I get hired by a family that I've never met as a... more

I Have To Remember How To Cross Multiply.

That's a very fair point. Cross-multiplication is an easy topic to forget; however, it's also a quick topic to pick up, once you remember how to do it: take two fractions that are equal to each other. Multiply the denominator of one by the numerator of the other... more

How Do You Teach Math To Your Kid?

To start, figure out what sort of activities the child enjoys. For example, I tutor a girl in math, and she enjoys being active, especially jumping rope. So, to make the multiplication engaging, we would play a sort of jump rope/musical chairs type game. I would play music, and... more

What Kind Of Interview Questions Should I Ask A Prospective Tutor?

It's helpful to ask questions about how they would go about tutoring your kindergartener. For example: "What types of reading activities would you do?" "How can you make sure my child stays engaged with the learning?" "What have you done in the past to enhance a child's learning... more