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Pay Rates For Private Child Care Way Too High

Hi! Babysitting isn't just about eating food and watching movies. We are also making sure your little one is safe at all times and we're there in case something ever happens. We focus directly on your child and no one else's. We also are coming in your... more

How Do I Get My First Job As A Caregiver?

They like seeing any kind of experience with child care. For me, I worked for special needs organizations before nannying and a lot of families have mentioned how that is something that caught their attention. Any background work in childcare would be a huge plus.

Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

It's always beneficial to have your CPR certification. Even having the training for it puts parents minds at ease.

How Much Should I Be Charging?

When you're working full time, it is completely different than part time. I would ask for the $20/hr but I also wouldn't be afraid to ask for a little more since you'll be traveling more often. I always like to start higher and negotiate after that.

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

This is why we have contracts put in place! I always state in my contract that anything over 40 hours will be paid as overtime. All families I have worked for, have been on board with that as well.

What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

Typically, I don't regularly charge more per hour for children with special needs, unless it is a serious disability that requires more work. I start at $16.50.