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A Home Inventory List Is Your Best Friend When Disaster Strikes

Documenting your home items is essential, even if disaster seems unimaginable. And it may be easier than you think... Alison Hodgson, Houzz This post originally appeared on, it has been reprinted with permission.   You may be surprised to know that losing all of my earthly possessions was... more

Organization Tips: Use Color To Declutter

This simple trick goes a long way toward helping everyone in the household quickly find stuff — no labels required Laura Gaskill, Houzz The principle behind organizing with color is simple: It’s quicker and easier to recognize a color than it is to read a label. When you assign meaning... more

Diy Home Projects: Clutter Free Living Room Ideas

Make this a space you enjoy spending time in by paring back and filling it with things you love This post originally appeared on Houzz, it has been reprinted with permission. Whether it’s cozy movie nights or cocktail parties, the living room is often the hub of the action when... more

Diy Bathroom Design Ideas For People Who Hate To Clean

These ingenious strategies and sleek designs for the sink, tub, shower, and toilet help your bathroom practically clean itself. Pangaea, Houzz I hate cleaning bathrooms. There. I've said it. I'm not proud, but I'm not really ashamed either. I have better things to do with my time... more

Diy Design: Seamlessly Add An In-Law Suite To Your Floor Plan

Tiffany Carboni, Houzz Get expert advice and inspiration for adding a comfy extra living space to your home. Many people leave the family nest, but sometimes parents fly into their children's nests. With retirement facilities costing an arm and a leg, more and more families are adding in-law units... more

Grandma Knows Best: Childproofing Tips From A Seasoned Pro

Becky Dietrich, Houzz Pro Tip: change kids’ behaviors, not your entire house, to keep the designs you like and prepare children for reality We all agree that keeping our little ones safe at home is a paramount responsibility for parents. The home can be a treacherous place, and plenty of expert... more

12 Ways To Design A Safe, Yet Stylish, Home For Aging In Place

Gillian Lazanik, Houzz  Design a home that will continue to be accessible, safe and stylish as the years go by By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be a few minutes older. A relatively new term in the design world is “aging in place.” And it’s exactly that... more

10 Practical Kitchen Designs For Seniors Aging In Place

Sam Ferris, Houzz Contributor Maybe you’ve found the house you want to grow old in. Perhaps you foresee your elderly parents moving in with you one day. Or maybe you require wheelchair accessibility. When you’re designing a kitchen with these needs in mind, the following 10 tips will help make... more