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Sleep Training For New Puppies

While looking through old pictures today, I found one of me and my childhood puppy! I was about seven, and I remember staying awake several nights in a row because of that dog's barking! If I had to do it over again, I'd use these sleep training tips... more

Early Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

One of my neighbor's dogs ran away last week and was gone for three days. She's really worried now that her dog might be pregnant, so I researched several early signs of pregnancy in dogs. Appetite A pregnant dog can develop morning sickness just like a human. While... more

Pet Care Tips When You Have A Man Cold

My brother is the worst sick person ever! Even when he gets a small man cold, he can barely get out of bed. I asked him today how he walks his dog when he feels sick, and here are his pet care tips for when he doesn't feel well... more

Mom Yoga Pants And Other Comfie Clothes To Wear While Dog Walking

I love watching people, especially at the dog park. They have so much fun running, laughing and playing with their pets! This morning, I noticed what people wear to walk their dogs. Some of the combos are very interesting, but overall, I saw these essentials. 1. Supportive and Sturdy Shoes... more

Weight And Height Predictor Tips For Dogs

I saw the most adorable Saint Bernard puppies today, and I almost brought one home! But wisdom prevailed since I don't a large yard this breed needs. My experience made me think, though, about how a puppy's size is an important consideration when we adopt a dog because... more

What Toys Help Cats Get Exercise?

My cat Milo has to lose weight. I'm putting him on a diet, but he also has to get some exercise. Right now, he doesn't really have any toys he plays with. What are some good options?  

How Do I Get My Cats To Stay Off My Puzzle Table?

My coworkers know how much I like animals, and for Christmas, they gave me a 1000-piece puzzle of a lion family. It's beautiful! I decided this weekend to start putting it together and am having a blast. My cats like it too, though, and won't stay off my... more

Is Peanut Butter Safe For Cats?

I decided to make a batch of peanut butter cookies for my boss this morning. Everything was going good until my cat jumped on the counter when I had my back turned and stole some of the batter. I'm worried that he'll get sick. Is peanut butter safe... more