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Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

hi IAM Hollie I have not only 14 years working with adults but i"am also the grandmother of four grandsons who have autism Spectrum disorders I have 14 grandchildren and lots of energy I I raised Three Sons as well so this is not just a career but it... more

What Are Fun Activities For A 5 Month Old?

gross Monterey activities with thier hands and feet like touch your toes clap your hands together and sing while you assist the babies in this activity baby you can use songs like if your happy and you know it baby Einstein is a great way of learning for you and... more

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

no it is not legal check your state labor laws online each state has that info

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

giving choices give them your choice with a good outcome then give them their second choice which should always been the choice they will not choose ask them which they would like to chose it makes them have a part in making right decisions and learn to problem solve and... more

What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

15.00 to 20.00 hourly it depending on the amount of care is required.

How Do I Add To The Services I Provide On The Caregiver App?

iam looking for the same answears to the same questions about to have it investagated