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I Have Agreed To Help A Senior Man Who Is In Early Stages Of Dementia. I Spent A Few Hours With Him And His Wife Today. Duties Will Consist Of Helping Him With Shower And Shave, Grocery Shopping, Washing Car And General Helping His Wife Do Things Around

Depending on experience and education, HHA/CNA fees typically range from $10 - $25 an an hour, give or take. However, I recommend "always" knowing what you will be charging prior to your interview and be prepared to discuss this when negotiating your fee. Otherwise, the potential customer might think you... more

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

Aside from the great activities listed in this question, there are many games seniors enjoy. For example, (1) PUZZLE, TILE, & BOARD GAMES (Chess, Mahjong, Checkers, Dominoes, et al). (2) VIDEO GAMES. Did you know that 26 percent of all video game players (aka "gamers") are over the age of... more