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Why Is My Dog Anxious?

Yes. Border Collie or BC mix can be so manic. I would try the thundershirt which is inexpensive and also 1 25mg benedryl for every 40 lbs of body weight. You will have to do it 3x daily just like a person. H

Why Does My Cat Have Such Bad Dandruff?

Bathe kitty and perhaps change the food. I would start with the bathing first. If kitty is older....well you may just have to deal with it.

Can I Crate Train An Adult Dog?

You can crate train your husband if you wanted to....but yes you can. However that seems like a symptom of anxiety. I would try him on 1 25mg benedryl for every 40 lbs of body mass. Make sure to are with him the first time to make sure he... more

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

If you dont have a savings account to rely on and your pet is sickly its a great idea. Banfield national vet clinics have a great policy.

How Do You Shave Down Dogs Nails?

Honestly, I would have the groomer or vet do it. Its usually inexpensive and because the dogs usually hate it theyre not mad at you. Those dog nail shavers on TV are aweful especially if your dog weighs more than 25 lbs.

What Are Some Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Pets?

Cats most likely arent gonna love that. However you can get them anywhere even target and walmart. I would avoid anything with a "head piece" or hat. Best- Heather C

How Do I Wash Pet Costumes?

Hand wash and hang dry would be best. Also Fabreeze

How Do I Get My Cats To Feel Comfortable In Sweaters?

Are you sure your cats need sweaters? I would put a heating pad on low where they like to hangout. That way they can decide if they need the extra heat or not. Heather C