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Is It Legal To Fire Your Nanny If They Get Pregnant?

Absolutely not!! That is illegal, becoming pregnant is not a fireable offense.

πŸ€”how Do You Deal With Bad Behavior? πŸ€”

Bad behavior is something that is natural and normal, however it should not be tolerated. I think based off the child's age and the parent's teaching structure, the child should be reprimanded as follows.

πŸ“ Do You Use Written Agreements With Your Families? Why Or Why Not? πŸ“

Of course, it's the smartest and best way to make sure there is no confusion what so ever with pay and responsibilities.

πŸ’°what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates?Β πŸ’°

I think based on the child's age and their needs should be applied to each pay rate.

πŸ† What Moment Are You Most Proud Of As A Caregiver? πŸ†

When an eight year old girl asked if she could be my sister, it was a wonderful moment that I will cherish forever.