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On The Park Bench: The Toolkit That Makes This Nanny A ‘child Whisperer’

When Leslie, a classically trained opera singer, first started nannying more than 25 years ago, her friends would ask her when she was going to get “a real job.” “I would just look at them and say, ‘You can’t do my job,’” she recalls, explaining that child care... more

On The Park Bench: How This Social Worker-Turned-Nanny Helps Kids Deal With The Emotional Stuff

Erin G. has been caring for children for as long as she can remember. Her mother ran an in-home daycare, and most days she’d come home from school to a house full of babies. That formative experience led her to a career working with children — as a camp counselor... more

On The Park Bench: A Nanny’s Top 4 Tips For New Nannies

A professional caregiver, Krista C. says she learned a lot about advocating for herself from watching “Judge Judy.” Some of the TV judge’s cases included disputes between nannies and their employers. A lack of clear expectations on both sides was often the source of the conflict. That’s why Krista... more

On The Park Bench: How A Self-Proclaimed Mary Poppins Has Endeared Families For Decades

Jessica G.’s license plate says it all: M Poppins, a reference to Hollywood’s most famous nanny, Mary Poppins. It’s a fitting comparison. During the course of her 23-year career in child care, Jessica’s has owned her own daycare, taught preschool, provided therapeutic services to autistic children in school and... more