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17 tweets that sum up “romance” when you have kids

Parents get hilariously real on how unromantic life can be after you have kids. Because "date night" after babies is, uh, well, different.

17 tweets that sum up “romance” when you have kids

Chill the champagne. Or forget to pick it up in the first place, because, you know, kids. While no parent will argue with the fact that children add an immeasurable amount of joy in life, when it comes to the romance department, they’re not exactly enhancers. Put another way: Where your date nights may have once consisted of intimate conversation at a fancy restaurant, they now are conducted over the background din of “Bubble Guppies” while the smell of chicken nuggets permeates the air. Lil’ different.

From worrying about the cost of a babysitter to getting real about what’s actually sexy to them, 17 parents get unabashedly real about their romantic lives. Or lack thereof.

1. Because bedtime isn’t always fun

2. The ultimate night out

3. Sometimes, you need to improvise

4. Same sentence, different meaning

5. To be fair, dogs don’t whine

6. Need more be said?

7. Which seems more alluring?

8. Restaurants: before and after

9. Talk about romantical

10. This is kind of beautiful, actually

11. Romance, but make it efficient

12. A child wise beyond their years

13. Date nights aren’t as cheap as they once were

14. When the mystique runs dry…

15. It’s kinda the best of both worlds

16. Can’t wait to run away, er… connect!

17. Because coordinating moms’ schedules is damn-near impossible