Support for Parents of Children with Spina Bifida

Families with spina bifida children Being the parent of a child with spina bifida is both challenging and rewarding. You may have a lot of questions about your child’s development or treatment options, whether you have a newborn baby or teenager with spina bifida. Parents in our group talk about conditions related to spina bifida, such as hydrocephalus, tethered cord, pressure sores, and bowel management programs. The best advice comes from other parents who have been in your shoes before. Our support group for spina bifida parents like you We created our spina bifida group for parents to share tips, resources, and get answers to their questions. It’s a safe and free online community to meet with other parents with spina bifida kids. There is much more to managing your child’s spina bifida than going to the doctor and having regular checkups. We take a holistic approach to helping you navigate your child’s condition by providing parents the ability to:

Connect with parents of children with various forms of spina bifida, such as spina bifida occulta, meningocele, myelomeningocele, or Arnold-Chiari malformation. Track your child’s progress, medications, and treatments in a private health record. Access relevant articles, research, and personal stories. Get the facts and answers to your questions from experienced parents, mentors, and experts.

About Us Kinsights is an online advice-sharing community for parents, founded by a pediatrician who is a parent herself. We’re here to help you navigate every stage of parenthood. Ask anything – we’ll connect you to experienced, like-minded community members who can provide guidance along the way. Get in touch We’re here to help. If you need help getting started or simply want more information about the Kinsights spina bifida group, please contact us. We can even walk you through the account set up process. Send us an email at Are you a provider? If you’re a doctor, NP, or expert focused on spina bifida we’d love to connect with you. Please send us an email at