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Paying Caregivers

If that conversation is aggravating to you, then I would think perhaps you should state the method of payment prior to interview.

Cash Loan While On Medi-Cal

I think you should check with Medi-Cal as I believe a lump sum amount of money would impact disability for sure. Then again, if it is a cash loan and isn't reported to anyone, who cares?


Most of us live in a right to work state and don't always get a severance when our jobs end.

Eldercare Abuse

Good luck. Abuse is not okay.

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

My clients love my baking during the holidays and they truly treasure gifts that are crafted. Music should always be part of the good times and remember to play music appropriate for their ages. They will remember a song faster than anything else. It makes them want to dance.

Drug & Alcohol Testing On Caregivers

Check California labor laws, but I would think you could make that a part of the job requirements to be hired.

Any Gift Ideas For Early Stage Dementia?

Puzzle games, word games, match games are good for early stage dementia. Music is also soothing and comforting.

How Do I Screen Caregivers Responding To My Ad?

The first suggestion I give is to allow the caregiver to interview with you and your elderly parent in the parent's home where you can ask all of the questions you feel you need to ensure and feel comfortable that the caregiver is someone you could trust to stay... more