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House Cleaning Price

I'll say, I must see it to price it.

Removing Stains

oops!!!! Sorry, I have my own secret and I don't want to display here. But I'll give you a hint what I do. A dd to ... white vinegar and ....Voila!!!!

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

No. Most of my clients uses their own products, specially vacuum. I personally have my own vacuum but i don't like and don't use on anybody's house doesn't matter how clean their houses are. You won't have time to use and sanitize every time going... more

House Cleaning And Micromanaging Daughter

As you said "I was offered a cleaning job" and " I agreed to $15/hour". Answer your own question if is worth it or not. But you can't just quit. Communication is the key there. Talk to her. g Good luck

What Are Best Practices When Hiring Someone To Help You Pack For Moving?

Check the person or/and company background, also hear from credible references.