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When The ‘nanny Tax’ Applies To A Babysitter

Many families need only part-time or occasional child care assistance, instead of a full-time nanny. And while you may think that you’re not obligated to pay employment taxes just for hiring a date night babysitter, after-school sitter, or backup caregiver, in some circumstances the IRS begs to differ. The truth... more

Stay-At-Home Guidelines By State For Families And Caregivers

Federal, state and local governments are quickly adopting new guidelines to try to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In some states, governors have now gone as far as to issue “stay-at-home” (sometimes called shelter-in-place) mandates for all citizens. These are the strictest restrictions to date, and as a parent or... more

Caregivers: Faqs About Employment And Benefits During Covid-19

Nannies, babysitters and other in-home caregivers continue to adapt to COVID-19 as new rules and laws dictate how we do our jobs and what benefits we receive. You’re probably aware of the stay-at-home orders nearly every state has, that paid sick leave is available because of the Families First Act... more

Are You Paying Your Caregiver Minimum Wage?

Yes, you love your nanny, your housekeeper, your pet sitter and the other caregivers in your life. But do you pay them a fair wage? "Just as you are compensated for the work you do in your profession, your household employee must be paid at least minimum wage for every... more

Are You Being Paid Minimum Wage?

When you were first hired, you may have jumped on the job because you needed the money — any money. But have you taken the time to make sure you're being paid at least the minimum wage? About 23% of domestic workers are actually paid below their state's... more

The 2020 Household Employment Changes Every Family Should Prepare For

If you have a nanny watching your kids or a senior caregiver taking care of a loved one, you know there’s a lot to keep track of, whether it’s juggling schedules or managing payroll. To make things more complicated, new laws and regulations mean that every year, there’s always a... more