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Erica is a full-time freelance writer and editor based in Richmond, Va. In addition to parenting, she writes about travel, food, and design.

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8 Babysitting Activities So Fun The Kids Won’t Miss Their Parents

Experienced sitters and nannies know that keeping kids busy with fun, creative activities is the best way to prevent meltdowns when mom and dad walk out the door. Even better, a child care provider who takes the lead and guides her charges through imaginative play is a surefire way to... more

Real Mom Tips For Finding The Perfect Nanny

Finding a nanny to care for your kids is no small task. Finding someone who fits within your budget, can work with your schedule and meshes with your family’s unique personality can seem monumental. While it would be nice if Mary Poppins would just drop in on our doorstep when... more

5 Things Families Do That Drive Their Nannies Crazy

Whether employed for a few hours a week or full-time, nannies can quickly start to feel like an integral part of a family. After all, nannies see families at some of their most honest moments, and parents trust them with their children’s lives. Still, no matter how much love exists... more