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10 Day Trip Ideas for Elderly People in Summer

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June 19, 2019

Great days out for you and your elderly loved one.

Summer is the perfect time to venture outdoors and visit attractions with the elderly loved ones in your life. It provides a wonderful opportunity for older people to socialise and for you to make exciting trips together.

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So, if you have an elderly relative, friend or neighbour who you would like to see more of this summer, check out these day trip ideas:   

1. Head into the city

If your elderly loved one resides in the suburbs or countryside you can take a trip together into the nearest city. Whether you want to visit the shops, restaurants or cultural attractions, heading into the city can provide a welcome change of pace and scenery.

2. Or the countryside

Alternatively, if you are living in the city, take a day trip with your elderly relative or neighbour to the countryside. When the sun is shining it can be a great excuse to escape the city heat, fill your lungs with fresh air and soak up as much nature as possible.

3. Parks

If going to the countryside isn’t an option then you can always go to a park instead. Are there any particularly beautiful gardens or national parks near you? This can provide a wonderful alternative for you and your elderly loved one to experience all nature has to offer without having to travel too far a distance.

4. Museums

Is there a moment in history or art form that the elderly person in your life has a fascination with? If so, find out what exhibitions are on near you and take your relative or friend on an interesting and educational day out to a museum or gallery. Many museums offer discount or free tickets for seniors so be sure to check out what deals are on offer.

5. Cooking class

Lots of towns and cities have cooking classes specifically designed for elderly people. Try find one that you can do together and that is focused on elderly nutrition and, if possible, easy summer recipes.

6. Wine tasting

Is your elderly loved one partial to an occasional tipple? If so, why not see if there is a wine tasting afternoon on nearby? These can be wonderfully fun and social days out. Just remember to drink responsibly!

7. Cinema screenings

Many cinemas do mid-week showings for elderly people. If your elderly love one is a bit of a cinephile or just loves watching a movie every now and then, check what’s on and see which film catches their fancy. This can also be a great way for them to meet other like-minded elderly people and the cinema screenings could become part of a regular routine.

8. Seaside

Is there a seaside within reasonable distance from you and your elderly loved one? Try packing some beach chairs, blankets and a picnic basket and spend the day chatting with your toes in the sand and the waves crashing nearby. If the weather is warm don’t forget to stay hydrated and to sit in the shade.

9. Make a visit

Visiting friends and relatives can be a wonderfully entertaining day out. Together, you can all take a trip down memory lane and reminisce over fond memories and stories. It will be a great day of socialising and your loved one will return home filled with the sound of chatter and happy memories.

10. Coach trips

There are many companies and care homes that organise day trips and escorted tours for the elderly. Look up companies in your area that provide these and discuss with your loved one where they would like to go. This is a great way to meet other seniors in the area.

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