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Job Tips for Carers and Housekeepers This Spring

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April 29, 2019

Are you looking to take on more daily tasks and earn a little extra? The spring season offers a wide range of job opportunities for you.

With the weather warming we find ourselves venturing out more and more. Along with the many benefits of fresh air and sunshine, this also provides great job opportunities. So, take the initiative and offer your employer one of the following support services. Aside from the extra cash you will earn, you will also please your employer about your level of commitment.  

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1. Organise the spring clean  

Offer to take care of the family’s spring cleaning. The range of tasks is wide: From window cleaning and washing the curtains to a thorough cleaning of the house and clearing out the wardrobes, there are plenty of jobs to be done in spring.  

Before you suggest it, make a spring cleaning plan and use this to show your employer what can be done to spruce up their home.  

2. Do the gardening  

The arrival of spring signifies a shift to outdoors. And nobody wants to begin barbecue season surrounded by weeds, old foliage and scrub. The spring plants will also need a little TLC which is why gardeners are in high demand in the spring.  

Suggest to your employer that you will take care of the outside of the house as well as the inside. There are many jobs that can you do: weeding, digging, clearing the garden foliage, setting up and polishing garden furniture, preparing the barbecue… and the list goes on! Talk to your employer today.  

3. Get the pets ready for spring  

Spring also offers new work opportunities for pet sitters. Many animals must attend the vet at this time of the year to boost vaccinations or to get new ones for the spring and summer seasons. Offer to relieve your employer of these jobs this spring and bring the dog, rabbit, etc., to the vet for them.  

If you care for dogs, you can also suggest bringing the dog to the groomers. With the weather warming, a spring haircut is essential for most dogs. Innovative pet carers can offer to build an outdoor cage for rabbits and guinea pigs or a birdhouse for birds in the garden.  

4. Take trips with the elderly  

If you work as an elderly caregiver, spring is a great way to venture out with your clients. Agree with your employer that you will take their older relatives out for the day. You can drive to a beautiful nearby destination such as a lake, forest or park. Pack a picnic so you both can take a breather and relax on your journey. But don’t forget to pack the sun cream as the spring sun can be deceivingly intense.  

Your employer will be pleased that you have prepared such a lovely day for their dear relative and should compensate you accordingly.   

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