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Knock Knock: 50 of the best jokes and riddles for kids

Most kids are little clowns by nature but learning how to tell a good joke is a skill that they will need help mastering.

Laughing together is a wholesome way to connect with your kids and cultivating their own sense of humour can help your children in many ways — from social situations to academics. 

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Improvisation professional, Rachael Mason, says comedy is a kid’s first true way of expressing their own point of view and how they see the world. She adds that humour is essential because “it helps release tension, deal with delicate subject matter, and it can help with conflict resolution.” 

Just the very structure of a joke teaches kids a lot about storytelling. 

“Structure can set a child free,” Mason says. “All they need is ‘Once upon a time…’ and you will get an infinite number of funny stories from a child.” 

So, what’s the best way to encourage your children to explore their own funny sides? Mason says it’s as simple as exposing them to as much as possible. 

“Make puppet shows, take them to theatre, go to your nearest theatre school and sign them up for the kids camp,” she says. 

An easy way to get your little comedian started at home is by telling simple jokes. Let them discover jokes that resonate with them and have them practice their storytelling skills on you and other family members. To get them started, we’ve collected some of the best funny jokes for kids. 

Knock-Knock Jokes 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Justin. 
Person 2: Justin who? 
Person 1: Justin time for dinner! 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Lettuce. 
Person 2: Lettuce who? 
Person 1: Lettuce in, it’s cold out here! 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Wooden shoe. 
Person 2: Wooden shoe who? 
Person 1: Wooden shoe like to hear another joke? 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Atch. 
Person 2: Atch who? 
Person 1: Bless you! 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Interrupting pirate. 
Person 2: Interrup… 
Person 1: ARRRRRRR! 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Boo. 
Person 2: Boo who? 
Person 1: Don’t cry, it’s just me! 

Person 1: Knock-knock. 
Person 2: Who’s there? 
Person 1: Cow says. 
Person 2: Cow says who? 
Person 1: No, silly! A cow says “Mooooo!” 

Jokes about ghouls, ghosts and other gross stuff 

Q: Why did the superhero flush the toilet? 
A: Because it was his doody. 

Q: How do you get a tissue to dance? 
A: You put a little boogie into it. 

Q: What did one toilet say to the other? 
A: You look a bit flushed! 

Q: Who did the zombie take to the prom? 
A: His ghoul-friend! 

Q: What is big, green and plays a lot of tricks? 
A: Prank-enstein! 

Q: Why did the ghost blow his nose? 
A: Because it was full of booo-gers! 

Jokes about animals 

Q: What does a spider’s bride wear? 
A: A webbing dress. 

Q: Where do cows go for entertainment? 
A: The mooooo-vies! 

Q: What did one firefly say to the other? 
A: You glow, girl! 

Q: What kind of dinosaur loves to sleep? 
A: A stega-snore-us. 

Q: Why couldn’t the pony sing? 
A: Because she was a little hoarse. 

Q: What creature is smarter than a talking parrot? 
A: A spelling bee. 

Q: Where does the chicken like to eat? 
A: At a rooster-ant! 

Jokes about food 

Q: Where do you learn to make banana splits? 
A: At sundae school. 

Q: Why did the melon jump into the lake? 
A: It wanted to be a water-melon. 

Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor? 
A: It was feeling crumb-y. 

Q: Why did the banana go to the hospital? 
A: He was peeling really bad. 

Q: Where do hamburgers go to dance? 
A: They go to the meat-ball. 

Jokes about nature 

Q: How does the ocean say hello? 
A: It waves. 

Q: What did the tree say to the wind? 
A: Leaf me alone! 

Q: What’s the worst thing about throwing a party in space? 
A: You have to planet. 

Q: How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat? 
A: When it’s full! 

Jokes about people 

Q: Why did the policeman go to the baseball game? 
A: He’d heard that someone had stolen a base! 

Q: Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? 
A: In case he got a hole in one. 

Q: What kind of shoes do all spies wear? 
A: Sneak-ers. 

Q: What do you call two guys hanging on a curtain? 
A: Kurt and Rod! 

Jokes about school 

Q: Why was the math book sad? 
A: Because it had so many problems. 

Q: What’s a snake’s favourite subject? 
A: Hisstory. 

Q: Why did the student eat his homework? 
A: Because his teacher told him it was a piece of cake! 

Q: What time would it be if Godzilla came to school? 
A: Time to run! 

Q: Why did the dog do so well in school? 
A: Because he was the teacher’s pet! 

Q: Why did the egg get thrown out of class? 
A:  Because he kept telling yolks! 

Jokes about objects 

Q: What did one penny say to another penny? 
A: We make cents. 

Q: Why was the belt arrested? 
A: It was holding up some pants! 

Q: Why did the computer go to the doctor? 
A: It had a virus. 

Q: What musical instrument is found in the bathroom? 
A: A tube-a toothpaste. 

Q: What did one eye say to the other? 
A: Don’t look now, but something between us smells. 

Easy riddles for kids 

Q: What are the strongest days of the week? 
A: Saturday and Sunday. The rest are weak days. 

Q:  What animal can you always find at a baseball game? 
A: A bat! 

Q: What can you catch, but never throw? 
A: A cold! 

Q: Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? 
A: The “C”! 

Q: What gets wet while it’s drying? 
A: A towel! 

Q: Why can’t your head be 12 inches long? 
A: Because then it would be a foot! 

And if you have a babysitter, you can share this list with them so they can teach them to your kids too! 

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