5 Step Guide to Hiring a Carer at Care.com

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5 Step Guide to Hiring a Carer at Care.com

5 Step Guide to Hiring a Carer at Care.com

Ready to look for a carer? Finding and hiring a carer doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow our simple 5 step hiring guide which has useful tips–from posting a job, to interviewing and reference checking.

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1. Post a job–it’s free!

Posting a job gives you the best chance to let carers find you. By writing your job description and carer requirements you will become clearer about what sort of person you need and the how, why and when of your job. Oh, and did we mention that it is free to post a job?

2. Shortlist & filter candidates using Care.com’s in-depth profiles

Carers on Care.com can create in-depth profiles that include their work experience, education, qualifications, and availability. View profiles, request to see documents, such as DBS/CRB checks and qualifications, to identify the carers who appear to best meet your needs.

3. Narrow down your list

Give a NO to potential bad apples and a YES to the cream of the crop. Use our tools to help ensure you have quality candidates:

Request DBS (CRB) & reference checks

Carers have indicated on their profiles whether or not they’ve completed a DBS (CRB) check, but carers’ DBS (CRB) checks have not always been verified by Care.com. You know that DBS (CRB) checks are a good indicator of an applicant’s suitability. Reference checks are also imperative when you offer an applicant the job.

DBS (CRB) check shortlist

You can use whether or not they’ve completed a DBS (CRB) check as a preliminary screening tool to narrow your list of candidates, but you should be sure to ask carers to bring their DBS checks to their interviews so that you can review them. Carers with nursery experience, OFSTED-registered carers, and all childminders should have recent DBS (CRB) checks. Carers studying childcare or early years education who have worked in nurseries to complete their qualifications should also have recent DBS (CRB) checks. Other types of carers who have worked with children or vulnerable adults should have recent DBS (CRB) checks as well.

Online & third-party checks

Perform your own independent search on candidates to narrow your list. Search the web for their name to see, if there are any news articles about them. Contact your local council’s children’s services team or Sure Start Children’s Centre to obtain publicly held lists or information which may include your candidates’ details and work history. You should also try to locate them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks.

Secure messaging system

Upgrade to premium membership and send all of your initial messages through Care.com instead of using your personal email. That way, you only share your contact information, if and when you feel comfortable.

4. Interview top candidates

Only you will know if the fit feels right. So take your time to get to know your top candidates and decide whether they’d be a good and safe fit for your family. Trust your instincts.

Phone interview

Conduct phone interviews with your top candidates. This will give you a better idea of whether the care provider is someone you would like to meet.

In-depth interview

After phone interviews, conduct face-to-face interviews with your remaining candidates. This will help you further determine how well each person will fit in with your family. Arrange a first interview at a neutral location, for example a coffee shop in town. Be sure to ask your candidates to bring a copy of their DBS (CRB) check with them to the interview, and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

5. Determine your top candidate with reference checks

Think you’ve found the one? Before hiring, take the time to look for information that wouldn’t come up during a phone screen or in-depth interview. Contact previous employers to learn more about your candidate’s past work experience.¬†Remember, things will often come out of a telephone conversation that previous employers will not put in to a written reference.¬†

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